I'm never sure where to start when asked about us, so we can cut to the chase:

Justin and I met at a church dance.  We were introduced by a mutual friend.
We had both seen each other around, and although we both though the other was cute, 
Neither of us was interested in meeting the other. 
After being introduced, he asked me to dance, then got my number.
I hesitantly gave it to him and agreed to a date. 
We went on one date. 
Then another.
Then another.

Two weeks later I went with Justin and a few of his friends to 
Whistler, Canada for the weekend.
I was hooked.
He has this knack of making everyone laugh,
And was the perfect gentleman.

We dated for 5 months before Justin left for 
Military Basic Training, followed by Tech School.
During this time I began my Advanced Training and career with Gene Juarez.
Waiting patiently for Justin to return home. 

After his return we dated for 6 months. 
Got engaged! 
Married 4 months later!

We are now in pursuit of Justin's career.
He is attending USU for his BA in A and P
I have my cosmetology license and manage K Salon and Spa

We are so excited for what life brings next and even more excited to share it with you!

Hope you Enjoy!

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