Feeling Like Myself Again

For those that know me well, I have always been a creative person.  My parents enrolled me in art classes as a child.  I enjoyed pottery and choir in High School.  My attempt at attending a University was derailed by Cosmetology school.  You get the drift.  For the last year I have been managing a Salon & Spa that I love dearly and learned more about the industry that I could have in any other setting.  But life was lacking.  I kept grasping at anything creative only to find clouds in my hands.  I just couldn't hold on to anything that was fulfilling.  I wanted so desperately to be behind the chair, to see my clients face after a style change, to feel like I was helping.

This weekend I took a trip to see an old friend and we began talking about bath products.  Since moving to Utah I just haven't found anything that leaves my skin feeling the way something as simple as Washington air could.  Then it hit me.  I have the knowledge, or access to knowledge.  I have access to resources.  Why am I paying for things I don't love?  Products that have me lathering up daily only to be left wanting?  I can do that.

So the research stage started today. I found myself engrossed in books and websites for hours reading about fixes oils, essential oils, butter bases, and the exfoliation differences of salt and sugar etc.  HEAVEN.  I finally don't feel stagnant!  Isn't life all about learning and growing?!  Finally I can get a taste of fulfillment!  The hope is that I will be able to create my own exfoliating scrub and body butter.  One that is tailored to MY skin type in this dry desert air.  Lip balm, Face masks.. the sky is limitless!  I might even be able to help others!

Stay tuned.... I'm excited!

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